Journalists May Need More Than Just Writing Skills

            Our society demands technology, there’s no avoiding that. The changes in journalism may surprise you!


            According to an article by Vadim Lavusik, being a journalist now requires more than just good writing skills. News companies look for skills with multimedia programs, social media, and even programming. [1]


            PBS has stated that having the ability to develop and manage websites can be key to a future journalist’s job. [2] Students with programming knowledge have been getting jobs at news companies, partially for their writing, but mostly for their multimedia skills. [1]


            In an interview with PBS, senior student Andrew Dunn makes a point of how important programming can be for a journalist. Dunn became an editor-in-chief for the newspaper of the University of North Carolina, after creating a data centre for them. [2]


            In conclusion, being able to program and design websites may be key to grabbing the attention of up and coming news companies.


Below are the two articles that I referenced!


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